Shorter Writings

The following is a collection of some of my weekly posts throughout the year, as well as two of my campus event commentaries. As I was looking through these shorter writings I found a pattern of dichotomy. Each post features two contrasting ideas, two different points on a spectrum. I have tried to keep an eye out for these polarizations in the exploration of my theme and my definitions, as well as ways to dissolve them.

Perfect vs. Ideal: In my post from Unit 1, I examine Locke’s State of War and the debates that stem out of its possible inconsistencies with the State of Nature.

Subjective vs. Objective Truth: My Unit 2 post discusses the ways in which we can reduce bullshit in contemporary society, which leads into a discussion of the existence of truth, or non-bullshit.

Confrontation vs. Censorship: In my Unit 3 post, I compare Philip Gourevitch and Susan Sontag’s commentaries on the media’s reaction and publicization of major atrocities.

Progress vs. Memory: In my selected post for the last unit of the fall semester, I analyze a page from Congressman John Lewis’s March, bringing attention to its layered juxtapositions.

Behavior vs. Self-Concept: In my first campus event commentary, I reflect on the Microaggressions Panel I attended in September and how it sparked discussion on the ubiquity of  privilege.

Interpretation vs. Emotion: In my presentation from Unit 6, I contrast interpretations of Mark Rothko’s artwork with his own intention for it to portray universal human emotions.

Reality vs. Representation: In my post from Unit 8, I analyze the relationship between reality and representation in Gerhard Richter’s series October 18, 1977.

Distance vs. Proximity: In my campus event commentary for the second semester, I reflect on my own privilege after Bryan Stevenson’s talk.